A Little About Shannon Telescopics...
James L. Shannon, Ph.D.
Ken Shannon, B.A.

When James was 15 years old, Saturn was viewed through a home-made 4” Newtonian reflector. He decided to grind a 6” mirror and assemble a home-made equitorial mount from junkyard parts.
That was in 1953. Today, James is still doing amateur astronomy. Of course, as the years went by technology and computer programs took over tasks that were previously difficult to do.

A Meade 8” LX200 SCT with “Go To” technology and a Meade Standard Wedge was later purchased
in order to try astrophotography. One of the problems encountered was fumbling around in the dark looking for a dierent eyepiece, accessory, or camera. They were often out of reach and sometimes fell onto the ground. An eyepiece/accessory tray was needed to secure my camera and eyepieces where they were safely within arms reach.

An Astrozap 1105 eyepiece tray was purchased but discovered that it could only be used
in altazimuth. It would not work with the wedge! I needed a tray that could be used in both altazimuth and equitorial setups. So, with the assistance of my son Ken, and his 25 years of experience in computer technology/design, marketing and new business development, an eyepiece tray (ST-001) was designed that could be used with my 8”Meade SCT in either altazimuth or equitorial mode.

Ken then said “Dad, lets manufacture these trays and sell them”. So, we did, Forming Shannon Telescopics.

We quickly expanded. Today we are the only manufacturer of eyepiece/accessory trays for ten different Meade and Celestron telescopes- and are continually adding eyepiece/accessory trays for new Meade and Celestron telescopes as they are added to the market.

Shannon Telescopics eyepiece/accessory trays are “The Perfect Accessory”. They are the epitomy of ease of use and convenience. The eyepiece trays that Meade and Celestron include with most of their telescopes is down low and in between the tripod legs. Our trays put eyepieces and accessories where they are safe and secure and within easy arms reach. You never have to hunt for want you want to use. We invite you to try one of our trays to prove this to yourself.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!